Waterloo K-12 Facility

Atwater, Ohio

199,982 SF


In partnership with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, AVG prepared and submitted the Exceptional Need Application which was required in order to participate in this funding program. The need for this project was seen by the commission and the Waterloo Local School District was granted in the program approximately 10 years ahead of their scheduled funding. 

The scope of work for this facility included renovations and additions to the existing high school for grades 9-12, with a large addition for grades K-8 to complete a campus setting for grades K-12. Classroom and academic spaces were designed to keep all three grade configurations separate, while allowing sharing of common aras.

The new elementary and middle school portions of the facility share large group spaces, such as a state-of-the-art media center, cafetorium, and kitchen; and also have separate dedicated spaces designed for their specific use, such as gymnasiums, administration offices, and classrooms. Each grade configuration also has its own separate entrance on site.

I can tell you that I have been pleased and highly satisfied regarding the level of services and personal attention to detail our district has received from the firm.

Mr. Robert H. Wolf

Former Superintendent, Waterloo Local Schools

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