Polaris Career Center

Middleberg Heights, Ohio

250,000 SF

Polaris Career Center

The project involved a thorough space analysis, developing a Program of Requirements, and assessing the physical building and site. A comprehensive redesign was then carried out, considering the center’s 21st-century programs and future trends, resulting in new entrances, mezzanines, lobby additions, exterior façade improvements, site enhancements, and the construction of a special education/HVAC adult lab addition, all while ensuring the continuity of operations during the construction phases.

From the flooring to wall color, ceilings and furniture selection all of us these items were coordinated to a cohesive image – one that supports our mission of excellence. We couldn’t be happier with our renovated facility and we thank the team and AVG for making our vision a reality. 

Mr. Robert G. Timmons

Superintendent, Polaris Center Center

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