The Massillon City School District is undertaking a project to construct two new Elementary schools. The combined size of the buildings will be 89,304 sq. ft., and will be built on existing sites adjacent to the current schools, allowing uninterrupted education for students during construction. The site is currently under construction and is set to become a LEED Certified building upon completion. 

The space will be designed with ELA spaces adjacent to classrooms that allow students to break out and work in a variety of collaborative environments that support project-based learning. Full view sectional doors are utilized so that the classrooms can open to the ELA spaces, and operable walls between classrooms will be utilized to provide the ability for multiple classrooms to come together for different activities. ELA spaces are designed with exposed ceilings so that students are able to see how the building systems work, and skylights will be incorporated to provide more natural lighting. Flexible, easily mobile furnishings will be used throughout the facility so that students can have breakout sessions and to support small group learning, while making it quick and easy to move furniture to support a variety of other activities.

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