The Massillon City School District is undertaking a project to construct two new Elementary schools. The combined size of the buildings will be 89,304 sq. ft., and will be built on existing sites adjacent to the current schools, allowing uninterrupted education for students during construction. The site is currently under construction and is set to become a LEED Certified building.

These modern facilities, geared towards PK-3 students, are designed to embrace 21st-Century learning principles. They will feature flexible layouts that enable classrooms to adapt to various teaching styles and student needs. Extended Learning Area (ELA) spaces adjacent to classrooms foster collaborative, project-based learning, encouraging students to explore diverse environments for their studies. The site was picked and designed to be placed next to Massillon Intermediate/Junior High School. It was integral to the overall design to tie in these two separate facilities into to a cohesive overall campus which Massillon can enjoy for generations to come.

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